Globalclique is a Real Estate + Technology consulting organization, working with a clear goal and definition of purpose to provide pivots for efficiency in human comfort and habitation by using innovative IT Tools and Strategies.

We support businesses and transform our communities through smart and efficient information technology systems

In our technology division, we provide industries with informational IT hardware and software solution.  Our E-Consultancy niche provides web portal solution especially in the areas of design, development, marketing, and digital strategies. 

Our real estate solution focuses on the use of smart technologies in bridging gaps in the national housing deficit and also to provide a pivot for Innovation in human comfort and habitation.

Our company provides internet driven real estate solution, geospatial innovation, laser measuring technologies, bespoke technology support and digital strategies revolving around web portals, e-commerce and e-business support.  

From being the first to support the Nigerian real estate industries with practical GPS uses in real estate decision making, to promoting online real estate marketing innovation, to providing web portal solution, and digital strategies to small businesses. We keep striving to make the world a better place. 

Our achievements are driven by our core values of passion, purpose, people, service, and integrity.