Globalclique a Multi-disciplinary Real Estate + Technology Consulting Company with a continental track in Real Estate Consultancy, Proptech Innovation, Digital Technologies, E-commerce Innovation and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisory.

Our operation is driven by a mission to connect people to the solution that tackles complex societal problems by leveraging on the digital ecosystem of tools, tricks and strategies.

We are passionate about using technology to bridge the knowledge gap between people and solutions. Our company pioneered the practical application of GPS – Global Positioning System to everyday real estate decision making in Nigeria. We also help real estate firms fast-track our real estate sales and letting system with Innovative Internet Marketing Solution.

Over the years, we have supported African community with a variety of technological applications that is driving humanity to a new horizon. The growth of Proptech, Fintech, Peer2Peer Sharing etc, have  been fuelled by deep tech innovation, and there continues to be increasing societal Investment in 21st Century Technologies. We are here to bridge a digital literacy and technology adoption gap in Africa.

There is a growing societal concern on how we save time, save cost and also enhance our accessibility to basic infrastructure and services. In view of this understanding, we continue to build strategic partners with technology solution providers around the world.

Our CSR is committed to supporting efforts aimed at addressing technology gaps, digital literacy loopholes and capacity building within our business verticals across Africa.


Our operation is driven by Passion, Purpose, People, Service and Integrity.

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