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Guideline For Obtaining A Letter of Administration In Nigeria

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A Letter of Administration - LOA is the legal authority granted to a person (usually next of kin) to administer the estate(s) or property of a person who died without a will (intestate death).

With a letter of administration, an administrator derives his or her authority to act from the terms of the letter of administration.

Without a letter of administration, a next of kin or associate of a deceased person does not have the legal authority to act as the custodian of his or her property.

Getting a letter of administration in a city like Lagos usually takes between a period of 3 months – 7 months.

Letter of Administration can only be processed in a State or City where the deceased is resident.

It is important to note that a letter of administration cannot be inherited, neither can it be given to 1 single person, the same can only be granted to at least two people.

LOA Requirements - Lagos Example

  • Approach the Probate Registry Section of the Lagos High Court (Located in Ikeja and Lagos Island).

  • Write an application letter for the issuance of forms stating the name, address, phone number and email of each administrator.

  • Make photocopies of means of identification of each administrator -driver's license, international passport, voter’s card or national identity card.


  • Provide a photocopy of the Death certificate of the deceased or an affidavit of loss of Death certificate and police report.

  • Get a passport photograph of the deceased (2x2).


  • Provide 2 passport photograph of each administrator.

  • Pay for the application form and follow all necessary information given at the probate Registry.


Important Remarks

There are some fees to be paid before a letter of administration can be evaluated and approved.

When rounding up the application, an estate fee of 10% of the value of the estate must be paid to the government.

This is Nigeria, the process may not be as fast as expected, hence budget 6 months as the minimum processing period for your letter of Administration - LOA

You can get a registered Estate Surveyor and valuer to help you assess what 10% of the property's Forced Sales Value might be. This will guide you in the financial budgeting and planning for the LOA.

Final Note

The process of obtaining a letter of administration may be a bit challenging and cumbersome in Nigeria. Due to various bureaucratic procedures.

We can help you handle your LOA filing and application, our team of real estate consultants will be willing to help you out.

4 thoughts on “Guideline For Obtaining A Letter of Administration In Nigeria

  1. Okay, I need a clarification here, the 10% of the estate value acroud to the Govt, is it negotiable or not and again, does it apply to a claim of a deceased pension? And again if am employing the services of a legal officer of what percentage would be his legal fees??. Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

    1. The 10% is for the government, not negotiable. The government has her independent valuer that would appraise/rate the value of your property, the rate is usually lower than what you get from private valuers most times (you can consult a private valuer for an insight). This has to do with landed properties and it does not apply to a claim of a deceased person. The fee of a legal officer depends on his estimated running cost and other possible settlements he might need to make. His fee also depends on how fast you want the letter. Finally, the professional fee would be based on 3 things; Official Payment + Unofficial Payment (for faster processing) + administrative charge (depends on what she/he is willing to collect)

  2. Does the administrators listed on the LOA have to physically reside in Nigeria? Or can they administer from any where in the world?

    1. It’s not a must that you must reside in Nigeria, but at some point, the probate registry would need your physical presence for some oath(s)/allegiance(s) and you must be available to administer them. Once you do all these, you can go back to your territory. It becomes easier when you have someone overseeing it for you.

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