Drones are being used for all types of realty listings consisting of residential homes, houses, hotels, uninhabited land, industrial residential or commercial homes, and more.  Present drone video technology can catch still pictures, video clips, several overhead map pictures, and even 360 level panoramas.

In our Drone & Aerial Photography Training, you will learn how and why companies are using drones for genuine  investment reasons. We will be covering the Benefits, Use Cases (with photos and videos), ROI, Regulations and more.

Our Drone & Aerial Photography Course would give you a multitude of insights on Drone Capabilities, Accuracies and how it eliminates excessive Labour requirements in field-related projects - especially in the aspect of Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting.

We see every application of Drone as a segment of a Value Chain, where each professional procedure and tool should add value to the final product.

Want to strengthen your skills in the use of Drone ? Reach out to learn how we can help you accelerate, automate and amplify your Aerial Data Acquisition and Analysis.