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Digital Measuring Wheel for Real Estate Appraisal/Estate Surveying

When you are working on a large scale real estate valuation/appraisal project, both laser and traditional tapes may not be useful as a laser tape will only measure under a range of 200 meters.

If you are handling a large scale valuation/appraisal project, you will need a digital measuring wheel that can do as much as 10,000 meters.

With a Digital Display Measuring Wheel, you simply grip on the handle and walk with the wheel, and then the distance will be display at the top head. When you pause taking the measurement, there is a kickstand that holds the wheel. This feature could be useful while you’re taking notes about the property. You could also use the hand brake when you’re done with measuring.

Why you Need Digital Measuring Wheel

  • Digital Display Measuring Wheel is handy and foldable. It can tremendously save lots of storage space and also easier to put into the trunk of a car.
  • A traditional tape cannot calculate perimeter, neither can it do the basic long-range measurement of up to 10,000 meters, you also need more than one person to operate a traditional tape.
  • A Digital Measuring Wheel helps you get instant measuring results – distance and perimeter by walking through the measurement path. – it can also convert between Meters and Feet. ​
  • Technology will keep many traditional professionals OUT of practice, if they keep doing things the OLD way, this is the best time to upgrade your professional practice.
  • Digital Measuring Wheel is now available to professionals in the built environment to do basic field measurements – land, buildings, roads and other physical projects.
  • You can get a quick measurement with our Digital Measuring Wheel, it helps reduce time spent in the field taking a measurement. Promotes time value for money.
  • Measuring Wheel is safer to use as you may not need to walk around a wall or edge to get your measurement results. It gives productivity efficiency.
  • You can get all your measurement need with the built-in distance and perimeter calculation system – you can also change your unit of measurements instantly.
  • Compact and less bulky. It occupies little space, and it can easily be carried around.

General Remarks

You need to be well equipped as a real estate professional. Therefore, it is important to have the proper tools so that you could measure them accurately and seamlessly.

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